Here are some of the comments made by Ben's Candidates:

“I have been impressed with Ben’s attitude since the first day he contacted me. I found him friendly, intelligent and hard-working; I would definitely recommend Ben as an recruitment specialist and am certain that his efficiency will help other candidates benefit from the valuable support that I experienced.”

Anton – Placed as Group FP&A Manager


"I really enjoyed working with Ben. Throughout the process he kept me informed with frequent updates and was very open and transparent in all communications. He was a strong advocate and was clearly focused on not just on getting the right person for the role, but also the right role for the person. I look forward to working with him again, as a Client and as a Candidate"

Ronan – Placed as Head of FP&A

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ben. From the initial phone conversation through to the offer sign off, the service was consistently professional and friendly.  I was kept up to date (from experience – it seems a novel idea in a recruitment world), knew what to expect, was very well briefed about the role, organisation, management style. I loved our pre-interview preps, always enlightening, and always fun.”

Agnes – Placed as Head of Process & Control

"I can’t recommend Ben highly enough. As a candidate, what particularly impressed me about Ben was that he matched me to roles appropriate to my knowledge and experience and always kept me informed throughout the recruitment process.”

Ann-Maeve – Placed as Financial Controller

“Whilst maintaining an extremely professional level of working, Ben also made the effort to get to know me on a personal level and understand my career needs. His interviewing briefing techniques are extremely helpful and the most thorough I had ever received from a recruitment agent. I found his approach refreshing and completely different to any other recruitment agent/agency I have ever dealt with. I cannot recommend his services enough”

Carly – Placed as Finance Business Partner

“Ben is the best recruitment consultant I have worked with, by a distance. It's always a pleasure to get a call from Ben, he is articulate, engaging and has a keen sense of humour. His ability to match his candidate and client base sets him apart from his competition”

James – Placed as Interim Consultant

"Ben is a very strong consultant who really understands the needs of his clients and takes the time to get to know his candidates. He is engaged, insightful and responsive. I found Ben’s enthusiasm infectious and his knowledge of the business impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben and utilising his services in the future."

Siân – Placed as Global Director of Finance

“ Ben is driven to find the right fit for the company and the right role for the candidate. He goes the extra mile to ensure the candidate is fully prepared and motivated for interviews. Refreshingly honest and friendly. Having bad experiences with recruiters in the past I was wary, Ben restored my faith.”

Kayleigh – Placed as Group Financial Accountant

“Ben is a thoroughly professional recruitment consultant and a pleasure to work with.  Before every interview Ben fully briefed me about the interviewer and the areas of particular interest to them; ensuring I was well prepared and able to present myself effectively. Ben kept me well informed throughout my application process and took a genuine interest in ensuring that the role was the right one for me.  I would recommend Ben unreservedly to candidates and clients alike.”

Rebecca – Placed as Finance Director

“Ben gave a very personal service throughout the recruitment process, making sure that he got to know me and always made himself available at all times. He always came across as passionate in his work. He was able to give a detailed overview of the employer and the role and the knowledge he passed on about the company was invaluable. He briefed me going into each round of interviews to ensure I was well prepared, which was a big factor in helping me secure this move in my career. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Chris – Placed as Group Accountant

"Ben Barribal is the kind of recruitment consultant who actually gives them a good name!  From the beginning Ben has been nothing but professional and efficient, calling when he says he will and providing an immediate response to queries and it is thanks to his fantastic support that I was offered my new role.  It is obvious that he knows his clients exceptionally well and is determined to provide the right person for them and the right role for the candidate. I cannot recommend him highly enough and will definitely be keeping him on my list of people to keep in touch with."

Annabel – Placed as Group Treasury Manager


"Ben Barribal is by far the best recruitment consultant I have come across. He not only understands candidate’s needs but assists in career development, providing guidance and support. Ben only works with companies that he truly believes in and is therefore able to pass this belief and passion onto his candidates. Ben was always available for unbiased advice and no doubt I will be using him throughout my career, to assist with my own personal career moves, as well as building my teams."         

Bina – Placed as Group Financial Controller


"I found that Ben was really really helpful. From the first meeting I was given constant updates and advice for my coming interviews. The expectation set for each interview was accurate, which ensured I was sufficiently prepared. This resulted in me making the next move in my career. Thanks Ben!"

Lucy – Placed as Group Financial Accountant


"I must say that I have been really impressed with the thorough professionalism you've exhibited, your immense industry connections (a one-man army? !) and the knowledge you pocess in this sector. Throughout the process you have always been close at hand, answering questions and providing useful information. Thanks once again"

Krishna – Placed into interim assignment


"Ben Barribal works bloody hard to get his clientele the best opportunities. He is a credit to himself and to those he represents and I am proud to be associated with him. Over the past few months, Ben has acquitted himself admirably to the challenge set and has come up absolute trumps. I look forward to working with him in the future".                                                                                                                                                      

David – Placed as Finance & Commercial Manager


"From my very first meeting with Ben I have been hugely impressed by his professionalism and genuine interest in matching the right person to the right job. This is not just about cookie-cutter style recruitment, which makes a nice change from some of the other recruitment firms in the industry. Ben is an excellent listener and judge of character. He clearly understood exactly what his client was looking for and was able to articulate that very well to me when we met. Throughout the interview process he was always on hand to offer very useful information, advice and feedback and for the first time in my life, I'm really, genuinely excited about my new role."

Brad – Placed as Finance Manager

"From the initial call to the job offer, Ben was helpful, honest and professional.    He took the time to really understand what I was looking for and was always available when I had queries or concerns.    Unlike some other recruitment companies, Ben kept me informed throughout the recruitment process and called with advice and encouragement at every stage.   He really knows his clients, and was able to provide me with detailed information about the role, company and interviewers, inspiring confidence in advance of the interview and remaining supportive throughout.  I highly recommend him as a recruiter, and am thankful for the advice he gave me and the role he found me."

Emily – Placed as Financial Accountant


"Ben's approach to recruitment is very professional, focused and results driven. He also knows the recruitment industry well and is easy to do business with."

Colin – Placed into several interim assignments


"Ben knows the organisations and the people that he recruits for really well. This enabled Ben to brief me so that I was fully prepared for my interviews and I am delighted to be now starting a new role. During the recruitment process Ben kept me informed, returned my calls and gave useful advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben's services."

Cliff – Placed as Senior Manager Financial Controls


"Ben's e-mail address is certainty one I shall not be losing and one I would willingly advocate. His preparation calls, emails and texts put me in pole position to showcase my talent at interview/assessment. He was my safe pair of hands!  I trusted Ben with my career; I listened to his honesty and respected his integrity. Not only did he find me the right role for my skill set but an environment to flourish in. Simply – thank you."

Sheri – Placed as Finance Business Partner


"I wanted to say how much I have appreciated your level of service and attention; you have been immensely supportive and encouraging, whilst maintaining your integrity as independent broker.  I have appreciated your honesty and straightforward approach, always making sure I had context around the role and interviews, as well as providing specific advice when necessary. On a practical level, you were always available and called back promptly if ever you were unavailable. Once again, thank you."

Warren – Placed as Finance Business Partner


"I cannot compliment the service and expertise from Ben enough, based on my recent experience. Ben called me about a role but on meeting, realised my experience and style would be much better suited to a different role with a different client, proving Ben really knows his clients well and what they are looking for.  Ben kept me informed throughout the process and made sure I was fully prepared for all discussions with my future employer and we were then successful in securing an amazing role.  Thank you Ben"

Jules – Placed as Senior Finance & Commercial Manager


Image description

“Ben is one of the most professional recruiters that I have met throughout my career.  His expertise and skills helped me enormously during my interview process. Ben’s level of service is absolutely outstanding.  He not only matches a candidate’s capabilities to the role but also their personalities.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning a career move.”

Alicia – Placed as CFO

“Ben's integrity was apparent as soon as we met. It was immediately clear that he had reviewed my CV in detail, and challenged me with a range of insightful questions, but in a friendly and relaxed manner. At each step in the recruitment process, Ben gave feedback on my performance that I was able to reflect on and use, which turned the interviews into valuable learning opportunities - rare with other recruiters. It was a refreshingly professional approach, and I look forward to the opportunity of working together in the future.”

Max – Placed as Head of Finance

"I met Ben and instantly from our first meeting developed a better understanding of how to behave and how to address certain questions in an interview. Less than our week after our initial meeting I had a job offer that provides me with an excellent opportunity to continue the progression of my career."

Chris – Placed as Group Management Accountant

“From the initial call to the job offer, Ben was helpful, honest and professional. He took the time to really understand what I was looking for and was always available when I had queries or concerns. Ben kept me informed throughout the recruitment process and called with advice and encouragement at every stage. He really knows his clients, and was able to provide me with detailed information about the role, company and interviewers. I highly recommend him as a recruiter, and am thankful for the advice he gave me and the role he found me.

Danny – Placed as Interim Financial Accountant

“Your pre-interview briefing was totally hands on, helping me to understand the needs of the company and give a good direction to the interview. You were there for me when I came out of the interview and all through the process (inevitable part of it being uncertainty and anxiety). I felt that I had a calm and knowledgeable partner at my side to guide me and support me. Thank you!”

Julia – Placed as Interim Financial Analyst

“Ben shows a deep understanding of his customers’ requirements and masterfully manages the recruitment process, communicating as much as required in an open and informative way with his candidates and assuring that expectations at both ends are met. One of the best consultants I've had the pleasure to work with, a trusted partner that deserves to be recommended."

Lucio – Placed as Finance Director - Spain

“Ben is definitely not your average recruitment consultant, in fact I would go as far as to say he is nothing like your average recruitment agent and I mean that in a very positive way! From the off, he shows a real interest in trying to understand you as a person, what makes you tick and what type of role you are looking for. It’s a refreshing approach because all my experiences of other recruitment agents have been to simply throw my CV at as many of their contacts as possible; Ben just doesn’t work like that.

This is the second time Ben has placed me, this time me approaching him as I wanted to advance my career and once again he has found the perfect match!  I can’t recommend him enough!”

Teresa – Placed as Financial Director

“Ben's long running relationship with Senior staff enabled him to truly tailor my approach to interview and also his tips and methods have made me both a better interviewee and interviewer, which will last a lifetime. His in-depth briefing of the client business, as well as personalities of key staff, gave me the opportunity to focus on what the client was really looking for and saved them time and effort too. I'd have no hesitation in using Barribal Associates again in the future, both for myself and for staff in relation to my new role. Compared to the large agencies, it is like night and day!”

Graham – Placed as Finance Shared Service Centre Manager

“After a couple of months searching for jobs using large agencies and not having any luck I submitted my CV to Ben in response to an advert on his website. When I met with Ben and he had loads of great advice and knowledge about the company I was interviewing with. Everything went very smoothly, Ben organised my interviews and within a week of meeting him I had a job offer, I couldn’t be happier and I would recommend Ben to anyone."

Kelly – Placed as Financial Accountant


"Ben had a deep understanding of the role I was looking for and only put forward roles that met my specific criteria – in comparison to other recruitment agents I found this to be very unique.  Ben also demonstrated a detailed understanding of his clients and explained in depth what each role would entail.  Ben's personal touch makes him a stand out recruitment agent and for this reason I will go to Ben as a first port of call in the future, whether it be looking for a role myself or looking for a candidate to fill a role."

Matt – Placed as Commercial Manager


"Ben treated me with the level of respect and dignity that in the past I have only come across from recruitment consultants when I was the client rather than the candidate."

Andrew – Placed as Finance Director


"From the very first telephone call I have found your attitude incredibly refreshing, and unlike any other recruitment consultant with whom I have had dealings. You were able, very swiftly, to understand my requirements."

Ben – Placed as Financial Director


"…Our pre interview ‘pep talks’ were great and really useful and gave me the confidence that I needed to approach the interview. The advice and company information provided by Ben pre interview were invaluable."

Claire – Placed as Group Management Accountant


"Ben is, by far, one of the most professional and dedicated recruitment consultants I have ever worked with. He called when he said he would (even late into the evening and weekends), worked hard to arrange meetings/interviews to suit my timetable, provided very detailed information about the company and actually listened (and took on board) my comments and requirements. I have never experienced that with a recruitment consultant before; it’s very refreshing!"

Corrine – Placed as Finance Operations Manager


"From the very first meeting I had with Ben Barribal I found the personal service he provided to be outstanding and far beyond the level I have come to expect from my experience with other agencies. As well as identifying suitable positions, he also helped to prepare me for interviews by providing relevant literature, specific coaching and honest feedback."

Darren – Placed as Finance Manager


"Ben made several commitments to me throughout the recruitment process and always delivered to them, never leaving me hanging, always giving me an update."

Gary – Placed as Revenue Assurance Manager


"If it wasn’t for Ben, I would not be making a very positive career move."

Giles – Placed as Financial Accountant


"I would have no hesitation is recommending Ben to any individual or company. He is not only expertly professional, diplomatic and focussed but also a pleasure to deal with."

Graeme – Placed as Head of Financial Transformation


"From the outset I found Ben to be a true professional and an outstanding ambassador for the client organisation and the role which he was representing."

Jim – Placed as Commercial Manager


"He presents himself as a straight talking, efficient recruiter, which is exactly what he is."

Katrina – Placed as Senior Accounts Manager


"Ben I would like to thank you for your very professional and efficient way you dealt with my successful job hunting. I was provided with abundant and relevant information about the prospective employer enabling attended interviews to run smoothly and stress free. When you said you would call you did. A rare and refreshing way of dealing with candidates and clients alike. Thanks very much"

David – Placed as Finance Manager


"I find Ben Barribal professional and candid, with a genuine interest in matching the candidate with the Industry. Ben seeks every opportunity to discern and promote a candidates capabilities/ strengths, & develops a trusting relationship. I am very impressed by Ben's commitment and effectiveness and  would definitely work with him again."

Yvonne – Placed as Finance & Commercial Manager 

"I would like to thank you for the very professional and efficient approach to the recruitment process – I was provided with abundant information about the prospective employer, given useful advice and kept well informed about the progress on the application."

Lina – Placed as Senior Commercial Manager


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben. He’s personable, which makes building that initial rapport easy. He understands the market and what roles would best fit your experience and where you want to get to. Throughout the process he was very transparent and provided clear communication which obviously stemmed from having open conversations with his clients. His guidance and tips through the interview process were invaluable. A really positive experience.”

Allen – Placed as Interim Finance Director

“Ben is excellent to work with as a candidate looking for a new role. Following our initial introduction, Ben has kept in touch in a helpful, non-intrusive way. He has only approached me with roles that I have been interested in, showing that he has listened to my interests and ambitions.  The relationship has been very open with feedback being shared promptly and constructively. I would recommend Ben to anyone.”

Sarah – Placed as Financial Director

“Ben manages to tread the line between being highly professional & fun in a way that helps quickly build relationships.  He then uses these great relationships to help find what is really best for both client & candidate.  His personable manner and clear communication help ensure recruitment processes proceed smoothly whilst ensuring timely and honest feedback is shared.”

David – Placed as Group Financial Controller


"Working with Ben was a great pleasure. Right from the word go, he wanted to know who I was as a person, to ensure I suited the company and the company was the right fit for me. He set expectations at every stage of the process and after 10 years of working within Finance, I still managed to learn new interview techniques from him that will last me a life time."

Ben – Placed as Finance Manager


“Ben is a knowledgeable and energetic person, who utilises his strong communication skills and depth of recruitment experience to guide candidates effectively through recruitment processes. He was available to chat at any time and provided insightful, pragmatic and supportive advice. Ben's close relationship with his client and his commercial thinking ensured that I went in fully prepared and was ultimately successful in my application.”

Steven – Placed as Finance Director

“Ben clearly knew the individual who was recruiting extremely well and had a good understanding of the company and what they were looking for.  I felt that he was very genuine and would not waste people’s time putting them forward for inappropriate roles.  He gave a lot of friendly advice throughout the process which was incredibly efficient and also enjoyable.”

Sarah – placed as Commercial Finance Manager

"I was very impressed with the professional and highly proactive service I received from Ben.  He gave me the most thorough and comprehensive briefing I have ever received from a recruitment agent, followed up with excellent, informative notes - probably in the region of 20 pages of information.  Ben gave insightful interview tips about the people I would meet. Ben is the epitome of recruitment professionals.”

Glyn – Placed as Group Financial Reporting Manager

“The enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the Company he was recruiting for set Ben aside. You would be forgiven for believing he worked for the company, such was the level of detail he displayed. It gave me the confidence he knew exactly what was required and I felt as informed as I possibly could be around the role. His straight and honest approach throughout the process was refreshing and welcomed as were the practical interview tips offered. In short he simply provides recruitment as you would hope it should be!”

Mark – Placed as Finance Business Partner

“Ben is passionate about the clients he deals with and they in turn trust his judgement. Ben makes the effort to know , in detail, his client, their culture and what they require from a prospective candidate. This enabled me to prepare well for my interview.   Ben provided valuable input and advice throughout the process about things to emphasise during the interview and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Feedback from Ben was prompt and I was not left lingering - not knowing whether I had been successful or not. I would not only use Ben in my next assignment but recommend him to others as well.”

Nika – Placed as Interim Treasury Manager

“Ben is a highly professional recruitment specialist. His absolute focus is on matching the right candidate with the right company ensuring the best outcome for both parties. He is extremely knowledgeable about the companies he represents ensuring you as the candidate are in the best informed position. His approach is very refreshing and puts you in the best frame of mind to succeed at the interview. I would highly recommend Ben and hope our paths cross again in the future.”

Sarah – Placed as Sales Business Partner

"Ben Barribal has proven himself to be a truly exemplary individual and a credit to the world of recruitment. From our initial contact right through to post-offer stage, Ben was open, honest & engaging; making himself available at all hours and taking a sincere interest in my requirements of a new role."

Nick – Placed as Finance Projects Manager


"Ben's steadying hand, guidance, advice and support were invaluable during the interview process. His calm and relaxed demeanour was extremely welcome during what could have been a stressful time, but in fact it wasn't; It was made effortless for me and that was solely down to the diligence and attention to detail of Ben."

Nimal – Placed as Senior Commercial Manager


"Openness and honesty from you, from the outset, has made the whole process much easier and less stressful on my part. Going for interviews and meeting with senior executives for positions at this level is somewhat challenging and your approach has made a huge difference."

Steve – Placed as Operations Director


"It was very refreshing to work with a consultant whose approach was so professional, honest and direct. From our first meeting it was obvious a lot of time and effort had gone into understanding the hiring companies business and detail of the job requirements."

Stuart – Placed as Head of Financial Controls


"I would just like to say that the service provided by you has been excellent and the most professional one that I have ever had from any recruitment agent. The level of detail and research provided to me through all the  interview stages has been phenomenal and I have always felt confident in the interviews due to this service."

Jason – Placed as Financial Controller


"I have known Ben for a few years and it is a relationship I truly value. Ben is trustworthy, honest and straight talking. He does what he says he will, makes himself available at irregular hours and actually cares on a human level – a rarity in recruitment. I would not hesitate in recommending Ben as he is certainly someone that I will continue working with indefinitely."

Tracey – Placed as Finance & Commercial Manager


"Ben's service and commitment throughout the recruitment process has been flawless. From the initial contact right through to the final stages of securing the role, he has been supportive, direct and honest. Without hesitation I would recommend Ben as a first class recruitment consultant. He's a star!"

Melanie – Placed as Head of FP&A


"From first meeting Ben to accepting my new job took just 2 weeks. His service has been fantastic, really listening to my requirements in a job rather than just matching words in my CV with words in job descriptions. He followed this with really good information on the employing company and useful interview advice. Definitely not your standard recruiter, and much the better for it!"

Joe – Placed as Finance & Commercial Manager


"Throughout our time working together, Ben has remained calm and professional and has provided regular updates on progress. He has been proactive and has always agreed the next steps both with the company and myself – and has kept to them. I have never felt the need to chase Ben nor that I was being forgotten – a rarity in the world of corporate recruitment."

Stuart – Placed as Director of Operations

"Ben stayed close during the interview process to ensure I was prepared and had all the information that I needed, this included multiple texts and calls whilst he was on holiday and at weekends."

Matt – Placed as Head of Finance 

"I was really impressed with the level of contact – Ben actually does call when he says he will – This was in stark contrast to others I have dealt with who are impossible to track down. Ben appears to have excellent relationships with his clients so they trust his advice on who to meet – I doubt I would have even secured an interview for my new job if I had submitted a general application!"

Meredith – Placed as Commercial Manager 

Image description

"I no longer choose to use recruiters after several bad experiences; however I will always make an exception with Ben. His ability lies in listening to your career aspirations & then matching you to appropriate roles. He will give you a comprehensive lowdown on the company and this gives you the confidence to go into interview and excel. The whole process with Ben is a unique one and one I cannot recommend highly enough."

Jemima – Placed as Finance & Commercial Manager