Barribal Associates specialise in providing permanent and interim recruitment solutions in the qualified Finance and Accountancy market and across all disciplines for Executive level appointments. 

Recruitment is not a technically difficult process; whether an individual has the actual capability to conduct a specific role is a relatively black and white assessment. Our ethos is that the personality and cultural fit of the individual to the organisation is paramount. The most successful candidates are those that genuinely share the beliefs, aims and aspirations of the senior management team and who fully embrace the company's vision. By establishing the foundations of this personality fit, we are able to deliver applicants to you that can not only have an immediate impact on your business, but who are also fit for the growth of the business and fit for its future. 

Ben Barribal has over 18 years' experience of recruiting into the executive market. His methodology is simple; to provide an honest, efficient and effective recruitment campaign. It is this methodology, actually put into practice; each time, every time, that has provided an enviable track record of success. However, we would prefer our Clients and Candidates to do the talking, rather than us, so please refer to our testimonials pages. 

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